What Is Going On?

Having been born several months before Franklin Roosevelt took office as president, I have lived through many different presidential styles and performances. Ronald Reagan gave me heart burn when he first took office. However, he had been governor of California and was sharp enough to appoint qualified people to Cabinet positions and listen to them and to others who had national government experience.

I see no evidence that the present occupant of the presidential chair knows anything about governing activity other than his own connection in trying to achieve maximum benefits for his own financial efforts. He still sees himself as a financial guru who makes occasional decisions and mostly sits back and watches his employees carry out his will. As President, he is attempting to follow the same pattern. He does not see the federal government as functioning under the Constitution through work of educated citizens.

He and the people who promoted him, and then told him who to appoint to run the executive branch, are attempting to foist their vision of life and economics on the country. Congressmen are responsible to the citizens of their states who benefit from many federal programs that Trump and GOP congressmen ran against in the election. Congressional Republicans are finding themselves in a bind over wholesale destruction of the Democratic program of social welfare. Republicans in the Senate are meeting in secret to put together a program in health care that they will spring on the Democrats, and members of both parties in the Senate. (When the Democrats passed the original plan, they spent two years and over 100 open hearing before bringing it to the floor.)  Whether or not the President has any idea of what is going on is unknown; he is using this weekend to examine another presidential hideaway, this one in the Catoctin mountains in Maryland.

And yet, most of their voters are sticking with the Republicans even though those in rural and mountain regions are likely to take most of the “benefit” of this probable smaller budget.