Ulysses Grant

I have never read a biography of Ulysses Grant, though he appears in every book about the War Between the States. Recently, a new biography appeared that my wife wanted to read, so we purchased a copy. It is long, but her judgment of it was so positive that I have begun to read it.

It was from his attendance at the Military Academy at West Point that he knew many of the generals he served with and against in the Civil
War. Graduating in1843 he served in the Mexican war. He married in 1848, had 4 children, left the army in 1854 to support his family and rejoined the army in 1861 rising to commander and chief. Elected President in 1868, he worked to see that the former slaves were integrated into southern society.

In addition to his determination, he knew many of the Southern generals, which aided his winning strategy. As president, he put a lot of effort into helping former slaves become integral, equal members of southern society. While I have not reached this part of his life yet, my own experience tells me he failed in this task. Having seen a black man hanging from a tree when I was a child, I had no illusions about the relations between blacks and whites in the South. However, the result of the election for senator in Alabama may show that what Grant worked so hard for too little effect may be coming to fruition.

A century and a half after Reconstruction, the recent demonstration of black voters getting out to vote in Alabama gives hope that equality can work out.

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    I am not going to grade your book report since I have not read the book.

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    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your beloved family a Merry Christmas. May the time you spend together over these holidays warm your heart and let you know just how much you are loved! As for me, I have a “date” with writing Chapter 4 of my dissertation…all good!

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