Long Time Gone

The seasons of the year bring such different things to my attention. In Spring, the weather in the East warms up, sometimes slowly and sometimes all at once. The world turns green and gardeners (my wife) are very busy working in the dirt planting the new flowers. Grass needs to be cut and increasingly garden “managers” are hired. By June, students walking past our house have lost their winter trudge and there is a spring in their step. (From my high school teaching days I had a spring in my step too.)

Summer time brings lots of outdoor activities. Swimming pools go great guns. Our son and 5 five of his friends parceled out breakfast among their parents after after early morning swimming practice. We had six famished boys on our deck once a week for most of the summer.

Fall brought school back for the whole family. For the children, growing older brought less enthusiasm with increasing years. Leaves fell off the trees, had to be raked up and disposed of. Days at the swimming pool gradually faded from memory. Halloween with its full bags of candy and other sweets brought queasy stomachs with just one more piece. Thanksgiving brought family and friends to an overloaded table.

Winter began with a month devoted to Christmas. We then trudged along going from house to work or school with little interruption. Many clothes to keep warm and maybe a snow to bring some variation-not all appreciated by working people.

Spring began with different weather from year to year. Sometimes a long spell with mostly cool, pleasant weather. Yet, one year winter temperatures hung on into June.

Time has moved on; we continue to plunder the physical environment. I wonder what this is doing to the earth we live on.

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