Well, Thanksgiving day is over, church followed by good company with an excellent dinner at our daughter’s across the street. So, what is there to be thankful for? To start, I took our car to the body shop expecting it to be there for four or five days and I got it back the following one. Not only that, I got a note from the manager hoping that their work was satisfactory. My wife and I are still up and doing-me mostly up and she doing as she always has, particularly in her garden. Our church still has the same great rector. Our cat considers himself as an equal member of the family and inserts himself into every activity. My retirement checks come regularly. Our wonderful daughters keep tabs on us. We have been with our primary care physician since he entered practice and he has good ideas about our ailments.

I could go on, but these examples convey the idea that we are full of gratitude for our lives and looking forward to another year. I hope you have the same prospect.

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