What A Week

I am among millions who could not imagine that what appeared to be a relatively weak storm/hurricane could turn into a monster that would maul south Texas. The most obvious destruction was in the city of Houston, though the south coast for a 100 miles and into Louisiana was flooded. The scene even afforded the President an opportunity to fly in and talk about himself. It was the rain, 50 inches, and not the wind that caused most of the damage.

The problems here now involve money. No one has yet any idea of the cost of “rehousing” (restoring, rebuilding, moving) problems. That whole south coast area is low, and very accessible to the water thrown up by storms. Add to that the wind and the amount of physical damage done by strong storms is obviously enormous.

What will happen to the people who have little or no insurance on their houses. How will the home insurance companies manage the money outlay they have contracted for? What about the outlay on repairing public property: roads, buildings, equipment, water facilities? How will small businessmen cope with rebuilding and repair, particularly if their business areas do not rebound? When will all of the schools be able to reopen and where will the students be able to attend? How will home owners who had to work through repairing or rebuilding from the previous bad storm face going through the same process all over again?

As the ice caps continue to melt, the ocean will continue to rise. As oil pumping in the Gulf of Mexico continues, the coast line gives every evidence of continuing to sink along Texas and Louisiana. For whatever reason, the Atlantic Coast from Norfolk to Savannah is also sinking. The surface of the earth, through millions of years, has changed its shape and we are helping it. Not just helping, but speeding it along. There are scientists who are explaining what is happening, but doing something about it will cut into business profits.

And anyway, we can fix this mess! Let’s concentrate on that.


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