My Values

Tuesday was the 72nd anniversary of the invasion of France by Allied armies. Seventy two years ago this past week was the Battle of Midway where the planes from three American carriers destroyed four of the Japanese carriers that had attacked Pearl Harbor on the previous December 7th. My father was principal of a rural school (grades 1 through 11) and we had a short wave radio. When school was not in session, I had little to do but listen and ride my bike around the school yard. I was able to listen to DNB, the German short wave radio as well as some stations in the U.S. l had been able to keep up with the war from its beginning.

The excited reports of the battle of Midway and the Invasion of France were not only fascinating, but laid the basis for my understanding of what was to become the history of the times in which l grew up. In the summer of 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea. To avoid the draft I volunteered (or was volunteered by an admiral) for the navy and upon graduation spent two years on active duty.

Much of the values which have shaped my life have been shaped by the total process of war: sense of duty

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