New View Of The Brain

In this Tuesday’s Washington Post there is an article that reports on research that says our brain rearranges our mind every night, keeps some of the day’s experiences for integration into the pattern that controls our behavior and dumps the rest. The article is about how this takes place. This means we don’t look back, rather we are focused on what will happen to us later today, or tomorrow, etc.

From my standpoint as a teacher of teachers, it helps me understand the lack of interest by education students in the actions and ideas of past educators. It also explains why new methods textbooks sold even though they said almost exactly what previous ones said. Other subjects were similar. Yet, most prospective teachers had stored away selected information about teaching from one or more of their previous teachers. They planned to go out and teach the same way. The problem was that these bits and pieces were difficult to organize in a classroom situation different from the one their model had been in.

It was in student teaching that they got to see that they had to move their thinking to this new situation. The new teaching-learning situations in which teachers and students work together don’t respond to the old method of teaching where the teacher is in charge of everything that goes on in the classroom. Research like this is slowly changing classroom learning. Hopefully educating teachers will get on board.

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