What Is Going On?

Like all other Americans, I am facing an unknown in our recently elected Federal government. Departments which have represented us, such as The State Department, seem to sitting on their hands. Is this the will of the President, or of some of his henchmen? He is spending his time in the White House alone, going to Florida on the weekends (at public expense). His wife and youngest son live in New York city while older children drop by the White House. The morning news says one daughter is coming to spend more time with him in the White House.  All these people have to be protected by the Secret Service in their comings and goings.  Naturally, this will cost more money to provide and the SS has already filed a special request.

He gets up early and listens to conservative news, (which often is more rumor than news) then dashes off negative comments about what people have done or are supposed to have done. He has earlier accused his predecessor in office of having been behind spreading malicious information about him. Not one of his cabinet or administrative (FBI) officers agree with this charge. And, there are similar witless charges.

Republicans in Congress,encouraged by the president. moved to get rid of the “Obama” welfare give away, except they came up against the millions of lower income constituents in their districts who benefit from this expenditure. Unable to put together a majority, the leadership had to put this on a back burner.  And, after refusing to consider (for how many months?) the earlier nominee who was presented by the Democrats for Supreme Court Justice, they are now leading the questioning of one who is “neutral”.

I have been here since FDR’s first term. Many different men have been president, but there has never been one this unprepared. Unfortunately, this is not the nuttiest Congress I have ever seen, though the refusal to get rid of “Obama Care” offers hope that the Nuts are not completely in charge.

I could go on, but I suspect this is just the beginning. What will this country be like after four years?

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    Right On!

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