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Well, here we go again. The Democratic convention opened somewhat the way the Republican did, but in its first night seemed to settle in behind the leading candidate. The losing candidate fell in line behind the leader acknowledging his loss and urging his supporters to do the same. The Convention Hall stayed mostly full with delegate listening to the speakers. The speakers themselves mostly stayed on the topic and within their time limits.  And, one of them, Khizr Kahn became a hero for the way he went after Donald Trump sneering at asians.  And, of course, this called forth more sneering from Donald Trump.

The Republican convention was less well organized, a group of candidates tried to nominate their candidate, but were ruled out of order. A major speaker failed to endorse the apparent candidate and there seemed to be fewer delegates in the auditorium. However, they nominated their candidate who is on the campaign trail bashing Democrats through e-mail.

So, did they make any difference? Not in who was nominated for each party. Mrs Clinton had the Democratic nomination locked up when it convened. Senator Sanders had enough delegates to negotiate, but he ended up supporting Mrs Clinton. Mr Trump started out being treated as a joke, but appealed to a lot of people on the thin edge of work as well as others who were looking for a unique candidate. What was interesting to note was that the Republican party did not develop one or two candidates with substantial support in the time between elections.

So out of the array of mostly unknown candidates, a man who has never held a public office or been in public affairs got a major party nomination. And, he has come from being nobody to at least equal with a candidate who has been actively setting up her candidacy for the last four years.

Well, the campaign is on and it promises to be bitter, especially with the Russians involved.

  1. #1 by Terry Jackson on August 4, 2016 - 4:05 pm

    I enjoy tuning in to your blog every week, Dr. Boswell. What do you think of Hillary’s running mate? I’m sure you know more about him as a lifelong VA resident than most of us do… Always interested in your thoughts! Terry

    • #2 by John Boswell on August 30, 2016 - 3:33 pm

      Terry, some how I lost track of your question. He has been in a variety of state positions including governor, and frankly, I wish the positions on the Democratic ticket were reversed.
      How are things in your life going? Since I am not teaching, I am scrounging around for things to do. For me, there is nothing like working with students.

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