Well, this one is over. I’m not sure whether to call it Republican or Trumpican. I didn’t see many nationally known Republicans in the hall, or on the stage. Mrs Trump got her speech wrong (or had it gotten wrong for her). The candidate contradicted several Party positions in his comments. A major Republican did not mention the nominee in his speech and was booed off the stage. I watched too little of the convention proceedings to get any sense of what the platform was about, though it probably doesn’t matter. The candidate flew in and out of the convention on his own plane and helicopter, though the party paid.

Despite obvious efforts by commentators, they could not keep their opinions out of their comments for long. Since there was nothing else going on, Mrs Trump having part of her speech “borrowed” verbatim from Mrs Obama occupied the better part of two days. The commentary got increasingly sharp, but the candidate dismissed the issue.

So, the candidate was nominated, the balloons dropped, the speech was given and everyone slouched off home. Except, of course for the news people, who tried to have a day of rest to get ready for the one this coming week.

I have listened to and watched every democratic convention since 1944. For me, the most interesting (and exciting) was the one in 1948 when President Truman sat on the back steps outside the old hall in Philadelphia until about 2 AM waiting to be nominated so he could go it and give his acceptance speech. I don’t think this one will have that kind of grip.

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