Are we Moving On?

Every once in a while I run across an article about an ancient civilization that makes me think about times way past-beyond the discovery and settlement of north America which is about as ancient as we go. In a recent Washington Post there is an article about an ancient city in Mexico built by a civilization rival to the Aztecs from the early 1300s. This site covered approximately 77 square miles, was filled with agricultural terraces, reservoirs, stone pyramids and other types of stone buildings. In other words the latest known technology. When the Spaniards arrived this group was gone, but the Aztecs were still there.

It’s true that the Roman empire had dominated the Mediterranean coast line since before the birth of Christ when our calendar begins. And, before them the Greeks, the Egyptians and Chinese had developed complex civilizations. Angkor Wat in Cambodia was originally the Hindu and then capital of the Buddhist Khmer Empire.

With the exceptions of the Romans all of these ancient civilizations developed complex religious and political systems. The Romans were pretty tolerant about religion allowing Christianity to grow and in a different way take over the people moving west as the Romans lost the ability to preserve their world. Secularism muscled its way back into joint control and Europe moved along into not only varied kind of political power, but technical development. Is government become a technical institution rather than a political one in which citizens form organizations to elect governments that will go their way? Can technical and political be separated?

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