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If we were to judge the roll out of the Health Care Bill at the national level, I think we would have to give the national leadership, particularly the President, a pretty low grade by Danchev’s five criteria.

If you start with educator, it seems that none of the leadership understood that this was not the same mass operation that the WWII draft was. Still in effect in the Korean War, when my assigned number came up I would report for induction into the army and go where I was sent. Since I did not want that to happen, I volunteered for a naval OCS program and got my draft notice while on active duty with the navy. That was pretty simple compared with the health care program choices making enrollment in a health care option an individual decision. Kentucky and California are states that bought into the program and are handling enrollment on an individual basis. They are being successful for two reasons. One is that the web program works, and the other is that the workers doing the enrolling understand both the process and the people they are working with. A national leader should have worked to see that both the people doing the enrolling and those of us subject to being enrolled understood that this would be a complex process that would be subject to some glitches. It goes without saying that a working web site is a precondition to success of this program.

The President gets a failing grade as guarantor by not understanding the program and promising people that they could keep their current programs if they wished. He failed as a guarantor because he was not adequately educated.

So far, what has come out about fixing at the national level gives those of us old enough to remember movies of the Keystone Cops flashbacks of running around, billy club waving and little success. More may be going on than we are told, but that takes us back to leadership as education.

As far as being brokers, there is little evidence that anyone has stepped forward, particularly in the legislative process to broker. This may have been tried, but the screaming and shouting from the opposition drowned it out.

We have to hope that the President is at least part of the process of agitation. The Secretary of HHS is certainly agitating, but was she involved in the roll out process enough to know where the problems are?

While progress is being made, this story shows little evidence of Danchev’s leadership activities. For those of us who really want to see this health care program work for all Americans, even if it costs some of us more, I hope leadership emerges at the Federal level.

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    So Sad. So True

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